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    Part No. OLC-2011-24
    Product Name Serta Sanctuary 
    Brand Serta 
    Category Sleep Products 
    Model Mattresses 
    Type Luxurious 
    Price Rp. 36.940.000
    Rp. 20.317.000
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    Specification Size
    Size Price Price Full Set
    100 x 200 Rp. 20.317.000  
    Rp. 36.940.000
    Rp. 39.451.500  
    Rp. 71.730.000
    120 x 200 Rp. 23.897.500  
    Rp. 43.450.000
    Rp. 45.441.000  
    Rp. 82.620.000
    160 x 200 Rp. 31.207.000  
    Rp. 56.740.000
    Rp. 57.062.500  
    Rp. 103.750.000
    180 x 200 Rp. 34.782.000  
    Rp. 63.240.000
    Rp. 62.012.500  
    Rp. 112.750.000
    200 x 200 Rp. 38.159.000  
    Rp. 69.380.000
    Rp. 67.380.500  
    Rp. 122.510.000
    Product Detail
    Serta Sanctuary

    Sanctuary is uniquely designed to give you all that you require for a good night's sleep. It helps rejuvenate your body, helping you regain all your energy for the next day. Designed with a 28cm latex core and 5 comfort zones that help to equally distribute your body weigh throughout the mattress, which in return relieves pressure points. You can sleep comfortably on the edge without the feeling of falling off. The right amount of support and comfort is what you feel during your sleep. Rising to bright day feeling rejuvenated and remarkably fresh.