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2 Companies Will IPO This Month, Check Their Stock Prices!

JAKARTA, - The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) targets 55 companies to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) in 2022. For this month, two companies will be listed on the stock exchange.

Quoted from the e-Ipo page, the issuer of the Consumer Non-Cyclicals sector with the Household Products sub-sector, namely PT Oscar Mitra Sukses Sejahtera Tbk (OLIV) will conduct an IPO on May 17, 2022.

Based on the prospectus, OLIV is a company engaged in trading furniture and household goods. In addition, this company also has supporting businesses, namely the furniture and decoration industry as well as interior design.

OLIV has set the IPO price at the level of Rp100 per share. OLIV plans to sell 400 million shares to the public, with a target of fresh funds of around Rp40 billion.

In addition to shares, OLIV also offers Series I warrants for this occasion. The number of warrants offered was 400 million warrants, which represented 26.67 percent of the total issued and fully paid shares at the time the registration statement was submitted to the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

The trading period for warrants will last from May 17, 2022. For trading warrants on the regular and negotiated market, the trading deadline will last until May 15, 2023 and May 18, 2023 for trading warrants on the cash market. The exercise price for the warrants has been set at Rp120 per share.

Meanwhile, the exercise period for the warrants will be from November 14, 2022 to May 18, 2023. PT Danatama Makmur Sekuritas will act as the implementing guarantor for the issuance of securities.

The next IPO will be a company engaged in the wholesale trade of fishery products and cold storage activities, namely PT Cilacap Samudera Fishing Industry Tbk. The prospective issuer with the ASHA code will take the floor on May 20, 2022.

ASHA is engaged in the business of fisheries, fish processing, aquaculture, shipbuilding, marine fish products, and trading these products, especially for export commodities. ASHA's fishery raw material products come from the catch of the ship itself and also purchases from suppliers or third parties.

Referring to the company's prospectus published on the e-ipo page, ASHA offers a maximum of 1.25 billion new shares or 25 percent of the issued and fully paid capital, with an offering price of Rp. 100 to Rp. 125 per share.

With this offer price, ASHA is eyeing funds of Rp. 125 billion to Rp. 156.25 billion. In this IPO, PT Korea Investment and Sekuritas Indonesia and PT KGI Sekuritas Indonesia acted as underwriters.

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