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Information of PT Oscar Mitra Sukses Sejahtera (OLIV) IPO

IPO Structure

IPO Structure

Initial Offer Period : April 4 – 14 2022

Estimated Effective Date : 21 Apr 2022

Estimated Period of Initial Public Offering : 22 -27 Apr 2022

Estimated Allotment Date : 27 Apr 2022

Estimated Stock Distribution Date (Electronic) : 28 Apr 2022

Estimated Share Listing Date on IDX : 29 Apr 2022

Initial Estimated Trading Series I Warrants : April 29, 2022

Estimated Trading Period of Series I Warrants (Regular & Negotiated Market) : April 28, 2023

Final Forecast of Series I Warrants Trading (Cash Market) : May 1, 2023

Estimated Exercise Period for Series I Warrants : 27 Oct 2022

Estimated End of Term of Warrant Series I : May 1, 2023

Company Profile

The Company is a company engaged in online furniture trading. As one of the pioneers in online sales, the Company was invited to cooperate with various marketplaces, one of which was JD.ID where the Company received an award as the first furniture store in the marketplace. Initially, the Company used this opportunity as an additional sales channel for its business activities. However, with the increasing trend of online shopping and due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, today online sales are one of the biggest contributions to the Company's sales.

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