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Listing on the Stock Exchange, Oscar Living (OLIV) Shares Up 8 Percent in Early Trading

With the implementation of this IPO, Oscar Living (OLIV) hopes to become a market leader for furniture traders, especially online and take part in the digital economy industry., JAKARTA - Furniture issuer PT Oscar Mitra Sukses Sejahtera Tbk. or Oscar Living officially listed its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), today, Tuesday (17/5/2022).

Shares of Oscar Mitra Sejahtera opened up into the green zone shortly after the opening of trading. The shares of the issuer with the code OLIV opened up 8 percent or 8 points to the level of Rp108 per share at 09.01 WIB at the beginning of trading. OLIV shares traded in the price range of Rp102-Rp110 at the opening of trading today.

It was recorded that 26.8 million shares were traded with a value of Rp. 2.89 billion. OLIV shares have a market capitalization of Rp205.2 billion.

President Director of OLIV Hendro Jap said, with the implementation of this IPO, OLIV hopes to continue to be a market leader for furniture traders, especially online and take part in the national digital and creative economy industry.

"Through this opportunity, we would like to invite all Indonesian people to be part of our journey to achieve this goal. With a strong capital structure and full support from the public, Oscar Mitra Sukses Sejahtera is ready to continue to be one of the proud companies of Indonesia," said Hendro, Tuesday (17/5/2022).

For information, OLIV released as many as 400 million shares or about 21.10 percent of the issued and fully paid capital, at a price of Rp. 100 per share. With that, the funds raised from the public through this Public Offering are worth Rp. 40 billion.

The funds raised from this public offering are planned to be used by OLIV to improve the company's performance, including for working capital, purchasing vehicles for delivery, opening new distribution warehouses and rejuvenating existing warehouses. The plan is expected to boost the company's performance and increase the company's sales.

In addition to offering shares to the public, OLIV also issued 400 million warrants. Investors who invest in OLIV's IPO are entitled to these warrants at a ratio of 1:1, with one new share purchased accompanied by one warrant. The Company plans to use the funds raised from the exercise of the warrants for working capital.

As for the IPO process, OLIV appointed PT Danatama Makmur Sekuritas as the lead underwriter or underwriter for the issuance of securities.

In the future, OLIV will continue to improve its performance by maintaining its commitment to always provide a variety of new products that are complete, quality and affordable, so that customers can rely on them to realize their dream homes.

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Author: Annisa Kurniasari Saumi

Editor : Farid Firdaus

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