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OLIV develops business on a sustainable basis while also taking part in preserving the Earth and red

Have we ever thought that what we do today will have such a big impact on tomorrow??

Or have we ever thought that the next generation, our children and grandchildren, still need to live on earth? Currently the earth is faced with a very heavy environmental burden, starting from gas emissions, plastic, Co2, temperature, ecosystems. Action needs to be taken together to provide a sustainable place for the next generation. Sustainability is the ability to maintain or support a process over time. Sustainability is often broken down into three core concepts: economic, environmental, and social. Oliv is starting a sustainable mission that can have a positive impact on the community and environment where we are located while reducing the impact on the environment. The furniture rental business model that we have developed is able to reduce or even prevent more greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere, so that when you rent furniture from OLIV, without realizing it, you are also contributing to making the world a little greener and more sustainable.

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